Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Car Camping Tips for Newbie

Sometimes, you do not need to go quite far to escape from the chaos of your everyday life. Car camping can be a simple way to enjoy the nature, and even you do not need any particular skills to get it done. Listed below are the best car camping ideas for newbie.

To begin with, it doesn’t imply sleeping in the car having a rooftop tent. To tell the truth, car camping just indicates camping out at a particular site where you can easily drive to. Not to mention you do not need an RV or a camper; you can easily go for “car-camping” in the Honda Civic if the highways are accessible.

Therefore you wish to go “car-camping”- that is amazing! It is a wonderful way to interact with family and friends while taking pleasure in the wonder and majesty of the fantastic outdoors.

If it is your very “first-time” camping or if it has been a while you went last time, you allow your pals to handle everything then there are different things you will need to remember. In this article, I will offer a few car camping ideas so that you can take full advantage of your company’s first adventure.

Vital Packing List:

  • Water bottle
  • Gill
  • Bin
  • Chair
  • Utensils
  • Tent
  • Speaker
  • Cooler
  • Coffee System
  • Lantern
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Stove
  • Mat

Best Tips & Tricks For Car Camping!

So are you ready to go car camping? But still puzzled from just where to start or go? If yes, then stick to these basic tips. You’ll have an unforgettable vacation undoubtedlyBegin With The Local And Quick Trip:

Begin With The Local And Quick Trip

In terms of the “first-time” camper, local trip can be a simpler one. However, camping with car does not mean that you’ll be in the wheels constantly. Pick a state or park from map. Study about the location, and then start the car camping wisely.

You Must Reserve The Campsite Early

This is safer to reserve a campsite ahead of time when you’ve taken your decision to make a camping trip. When it comes to newbie, you must begin from a well-known campsite. Therefore it is clear that a campsite will require booking for the place. When you are choosing a campsite, search for reservation number.

Aim To Reach Your Campsite Early

Do not reach your campsite late at night. Make an effort to reach at the daylight for observing the view. You’ll need to set up the tent. You will need to set the campsite up for making this appropriate for the night stay. Therefore it is vital that you reach the location in daytime.

Keep The Bag Free Of Overload

You will find some individuals who simply cannot keep the bag light. To them, this is a hard thing to keep the bag free. Make an effort to pack the bag with required things.

While you have your car, then do not take all of the things loaded in your bag without any reason. This is not required that you’ll have the car anytime when you’re on a campsite. Therefore keep exercising to pack your bag light for camping.

Keep Clean

While you’re in the park, you should keep the location clean. This is actually for your safety. You should take all of the trashes of the place in case there’s no trash can. When you’re leaving, ensure that you’ve cleaned the spot properly.

Follow The Safety Guidelines

If you’re in the wild nature, then take safety precaution. Stick to the safety guidelines properly and do not break them. In fact, it is definitely for the protection for the campers.

Try Taking Easy Foods

You know it well that camping is absolutely not a spot for cooking the heavy food. You’ll need to cook fast and simple food. Out there, you will find lots of fresh fruits, cereals, soup, beverages, and canned food. There is also some “prepared-food” that simply requirements hot water for mixing and eating.

Enjoy Yourself

Finally, ensure that you’re having a good time with your family and friends. As the camping is actually for enjoying a trip to get relief from the busy life, you must live every single moment.

This truly assists to nourish your family bond that is slightly lost because of your busy life. Make an effort to have this type of trip once in every year.

Choosing The Best Tent For Car Camping!

If you wonder exactly which tent to buy for car camping, then I will suggest you to consider rooftop tent or truck tent. Let’s see why you should consider such tents.

Rooftop Tent

Camping from rooftop tent offers a great advantage, and as you will sleep off the “ground” you will have much less to stress about in terms of critters and bugs entering the tent. Furthermore, these tents easily can be setup and very quickly. You can easily spend more hours fishing or hiking.

Truck Tent

According to ABC-of-Rockclimbing.com, truck tent is a fantastic alternative to needing to setup a tent as well as sleep on ground. In addition, they offer added privacy and protection.

Not just are they snug but also they are super easy to set up and disassemble, therefore you can rest anywhere and anytime when traveling.

How Will You Sleep Perfectly On The Car Camping?

  • You need to get the bed off ground, try keeping warm from the cold ground
  • You can crack window to take pleasure in some clean air while sleeping in car
  • You can make the curtains with “slipping-blinder” clips
  • Discover a solution to dry the gear, you will not enjoy an excellent night after the outfits sweat after many hours of driving
  • You should plan and find the parking location on map before you leave
  • Organize the storage appropriately to ensure sufficient space for sleeping
  • Do not miss to bring toilet paper
  • Finally, you should setup a “car-kitchen” which will save your time to prepare delicious food


Simply because you are new to car camping, it does not mean that you desire everybody to know this. Listed above are some tips which will certainly make you appear to be an experienced car camper.

The majorities of campgrounds have silent hours; therefore you should be the best neighbor and respect these rules. Again, in a few campgrounds, individuals play music as well as watch TVs; however, you should stay away from flooding the campsite with unnecessary noise.

You should put waste in appropriate bins and stay away from leaving foods out in the campsite. Otherwise, you will invite ants and harmful animals, for example, mice and raccoons.

Check to ensure that dogs are permitted in the campsite. In most instances, a dog should be on the leash. Finally, it’s time to share your thoughts regarding this post. I will love to start a discussion in the comment box below. Have a great time!

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